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A two-part short film series of faith, tradition, lust and reluctant lessons of not judging a book by it's cover

Premiere Pro CC
After Effects CC
Illustrator CC
Photoshop CC
InDesign CC
Unreal Engine 4
3D Animation
A two-part short film series of faith, tradition, lust and lessons of not judging a book by it's cover. I wore many hats of Producer, Writer, Director, and Editor for the 3-4 month production and single-handedly planned and coordinated the premiere night production with a handful of amazing friends who helped setup and manage the event including, food, drink, musicians, audio and projection.

Video Production
Part I: Banana Fever
Small talk with strangers is a bit like trying on a vintage jacket--sort of a thrill when something fits, but you might regret what you find deep down in the pockets. Melinda might just get more than she bargains for when she meets Charles.

Part II: Holy 'Mole
Finding your own piece of heaven on earth can prove to be a living hell; that's where Edward comes in, a friendly realtor whose open houses are blessed with a spacious layout and a killer spread.

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Premiere Night
We produced, supplied, setup, coordinated and managed a premiere night in Echo Park, CA with music, art and food to accompany the first showing of both short films. Lots of grittyness for (almost) everyone.
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