Code Four


Code Four is a Southern California-based event production company that spans it's services across the USA. This is a compilation of their work from 2019 including, Luxury yacht trade show booth. L.A. Chargers Training Camp, The Great Pacific Airshow, Association of Volleyball Professionals USA Tour, Vans Leadership Summit, Yokohama Sales Meeting, lots and lots of print graphics and Snoop Dogg.

Code Four: Rendering + Visualization

This edit consists of a series of landscape and architectural concepts from Code Four's 3D renderings and animation portfolio.

Home Architecture Concept

The real estate company had the property, the home design and funding for the home, but needed a virtual walkthrough rendered of the multi-million dollar mansion on the Orange County coast. My 3D Environmental Developer created the concept to scale and I created paths, shot and exported from Unreal Engine, edited and delivered a walkthrough concept.

Code Four: MLS All-Star Game 2017

A Major League Soccer Digital HQ concept, this virtual space was created by my Unreal Engine Environmental Developer and I was tasked with assigning camera paths, recording and editing the footage into a comprehensive and logical tour of the build.

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